Servers Explained



In this video, you will learn about a server and its functions. You will also learn the difference between a server and a desktop. Every computer has the same basic components.

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Most of them are not that different. You can’t just assemble a server. Servers have a lot more components. Sever gear is much more expensive because you get inter compatibility. While using memory that is more resistant than error, a server needs to be able to withstand the high volume of a medical office for example. Servers are made to handle heavier duty cycles. They also have hardware redundancy so it won’t experience any downtime in a hard fail. Server hardware is optimized for different workloads. A server can run better results and can run better CPUs at a time. A consumer might share some of the same technology as a commercial driver. There are so many little things like this. They won’t compromise on this. IT will consume as little power as possible. A big tower that consumes all of the power is going to be bad. If you are interested in learning more, keep watching this video for more information.

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