Pawn Shop Etiquette and techniques for buying



The video gives people information about pawn shop tips and what they can do to ensure they get the best prices for pawn jewelry and other items they desire to buy or sell.

The first tip is that it’s easier to deal with smaller “mom and pop” shops than to deal with the mainstream pawnshop stores for getting the best prices. These establishments might be friendlier and more likely to provide customer service excellence than a larger shop.

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Such shops may be more willing to negotiate on the product pricing as well.

Another tip is to deal with the establishment tactfully. No buyer should ever go into a pawn shop with disrespect or any other type of rudeness. The pawn shop owners are trying to survive the same way the customers are. Therefore, it’s a good idea to be respectful at all times.

Something for sellers to remember is that a pawn shop will not pay the full retail value for any item. They are in the sole business of lending money to earn money. Thus, they must ensure that they can recover their funds from items on which they spend money. A seller can expect to get 50 percent or less than the retail value. Each pawn shop differs in its practices and what it’s willing to pay.

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