Should You Get a Wired or Wireless Security Camera?



It’s a smart idea to have a surveillance camera, or multiple cameras, on your home. However, the question of whether to choose one that is wired or wireless can be tough. There are advantages to each of these types of cameras, and either one can do a good job for you.

While wireless cameras used to be unable to record at all times, today they can record 24/7 with no problem by connecting to your Wi-Fi.

Video Source

A wired camera records the footage continuously and puts it onto a hard drive that is located in your home. When you have a wireless system, it generally records to the cloud. This can come with fees for cloud storage.

Wired cameras also have a better resolution than wireless versions. Many people also like that wired cameras will keep recording even if the home’s internet service is interrupted. Installing a wireless camera is much easier than with a wired one.

A wired camera will take some drilling and running of the lines through the home. This project may require an installer to come out and take care of it. When you have a wireless camera, it’s a very simple setup that you can do in just minutes.

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