What Are the Different Stainless Steel Shapes Available?



Stainless steel is a versatile structural material designed in various shapes for use in different industries. Structural stainless steel shapes are divided into nine categories. The first category is the angle or L-shaped beam.

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These L-shaped beams have two straight sections that intersect at a 90° angle. They are tapered, but they could be equal or unequal in length.
The other steel shape is the channel or C-shaped beam. This beam has the bottom and top flanges with a connecting web. You can use these beams as support in short buildings because they are cost-effective. The bearing pile beam is H shaped. Engineers and builders use it as support for deep foundations with hard-packed dense soil.
The Hollow steel section steel shape beam looks like pipes or tubes with hollow cross sections. This type of beam can be elliptical, round, or rectangular. However, unlike tubes or pipes, the hollow steel section does not carry fluids. On the other hand, the I-shaped beam has two parallel flanges that resist external forces and a vertical web that enables it to resist shearing forces. Click the video link above to learn more about stainless steel shapes.

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