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continuing education 2023
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If you’re trying to decide your next step after high school, there are many great choices for careers. If you want a job with a great future, the options today are limited only by your imagination. By reviewing your personal interests and academic strengths, you’ll be able to select a great future profession. Here are some choices to consider when choosing your route to continuing education in 2023.

Employment Field #1: Dental Services

Many occupations in the dental field help people keep their teeth and mouths healthy. The most common of these jobs include dentists – of whom there are many specialties. To become a dentist, you need to get a bachelor’s degree, and then complete four years of dental school.

After dental school, you can practice basic dentistry, but most dentists continue their training for 3-4 years to practice a dental specialty. Dental specialties can include orthodontics (helping to properly align the teeth), periodontics (specializing in diseases of the gums), prosthodontics (dentists who fit and make dentures), endodontics (doctors who perform root canals), and dental surgeons.

Other Jobs in the Dental Field

Caring for patients’ teeth, mouth and gums requires other workers. All these jobs are good job choices when deciding your path to continuing education in 2023. These jobs often require less schooling than a dentist.

For example, you could become a dental assistant or a dental hygienist. A dental assistant is essential in the dentist’s office and helps prepare and arrange the instruments used to examine and treat the patients’ mouths. As a dental hygienist, you also provide dental health education for the patients. Being a dental assistant requires certification after a year-long course.

A dental hygienist has a busier role and works directly with the patients. A dental hygienist applies dental treatments to remove plaque or tartar from patients’ teeth. You would also obtain mouth X-rays, and then develop those films. Dental hygienists need to complete a 3-year associate degree in dental hygiene.

Employment Field #2: Careers in Law

Many people need lawyers during their lives, even if they are law-abiding citizens. Becoming a lawyer could be a gratifying choice for continuing education in 2023. To begin your career as a lawyer, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree. When choosing their major, most future lawyers choose pre-law, although many choose political science. </>

After college graduation, you’ll take a test called the LSAT. Your college grades plus the score from that test will be used to see if you are admitted into law school. The path of continuing education for lawyers will require them to complete three years of law school, and then pass their state’s bar exam to practice as a lawyer.

Specialties of Lawyers

People need lawyers for many types of problems. Therefore, there are many different law specialties. Many large corporations hire a corporate lawyer- or a team of corporate lawyers- to represent their company’s legal concerns. If a small business needs help with legal problems, a local business law attorney is the best choice to help guide them with their legal concerns.

In addition to lawyers, people need those who will enforce the law. This is another option for your continuing education in 2023. To become a police officer, most states recommend you get a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. To become an officer, you’ll attend an institution called a police academy.

Special Types of Lawyers

Another important type of lawyer is a criminal lawyer. These lawyers will represent people who have been accused of crimes. They may be involved in something as minor as traffic offenses, or very serious crimes such as assault or murder. The laws of the USA mandate that every person who goes to court must get a fair trial.

Another type of lawyer used by many people is a divorce attorney. When a couple goes through a divorce, many issues need to be negotiated through a lawyer. From deciding who gets the house, car, or other valuables; to custody arrangements for the children; a divorce lawyer will compile unique agreements to fit each couple. A lawyer will also help decide how much alimony will be paid – and by which spouse.

Employment Field #3: Careers in Medicine

Everyone needs help to stay healthy, or to regain their health after illness or injury. The medical field needs doctors, nurses, aides, and workers who care for patients’ mental health. There are also jobs for emergency workers, therapists, pharmacists, and dietitians.

Doctors: Heading the Healthcare Teams

No matter which type of healthcare services people need, a doctor must write the orders for those patients. Doctors begin their continuing education in 2023 with a bachelor’s degree in pre-med. After that, they must complete medical school and an internship in a hospital, where they care for patients under the supervision of a more experienced doctor. Although an intern can work as a doctor after that, most go on to pursue study in a medical specialty.

One physician specialty many people need is that of an ophthalmologist ( eye doctor). Ophthalmologists examine people’s eyes and prescribe glasses for those who need them. Those doctors can also find out if you have eye problems (like cataracts or glaucoma) which will need to be surgically corrected.

Other Types of Physician Specialties

Many physician specialists work with diseases of one body system. Some examples might be cardiologists (heart doctors), doctors for brain and nerve diseases (neurologists), and an otolaryngologist (an ear, nose, and throat physician).

Because of the progressive aging of our population, there has been an increase in gerontologists. These are doctors who specialize in senior care. Elderly people need a unique approach to help them live as healthy a life as possible. Gerontology doctors may be on the staff at nursing homes, have a private practice or work in hospitals.

The Many Types of Nurses

Most nurses begin their education at a college or university, although there are still some hospital-based nursing schools. After passing their state Nursing Board exam, nurses can get a job in many types of settings. Nurses are responsible for gathering information about each patient they care for, and then using those observations plus the patient’s physician’s orders to compose a plan for the patient’s care.

While the patient is in their care, nurses will give them their medication.
Nurses are also responsible for providing patient education to help their patients stay healthy. While many nurses work in hospitals, many also travel to patients’ homes or work at community clinics. Nurses can work in as many specialties as doctors.

Nurses have an endless number of possibilities for their future employment. They have many choices for continuing education in 2023. For example, nurses can go to graduate school and become Nurse Practitioners. Nurses can also pursue a course of continuing education in 2023 to become Nurse Educators – and work in hospitals, clinics, community agencies, or teach future nurses.

Ancillary Health Jobs

Nurses and doctors need help from many other types of nurses to provide the full range of the patient’s needs. One indispensable member of the healthcare team is the nursing assistant. (They are sometimes called aides, CNAs, patient care assistants, or home health aides.) To do these jobs, the requirement for continuing education in 2023 can often be completed in high school since they are short. These courses can also be found in healthcare training schools.

Essential Duties of a Nursing Assistant

These workers provide or assist the patients with basic needs like bathing, shaving, getting dressed, and getting out of bed. Aides also assist the patient to walk; to eat or to feed themselves and take them to activities. Nursing assistants work in hospitals, in clients’ homes, or in nursing homes. It is a difficult job, but it can be very rewarding.

There are many other jobs available in healthcare firms. Patients who have had accidents or severe injuries will need help to regain their mobility. These patients will need assistance from physical and occupational therapists. Their course of continuing education in 2023 will require a bachelor’s degree, and then an additional graduate course in physical or occupational therapy.

Other therapists that help patients regain their best health include speech therapists (who help people regain speech or swallowing) and respiratory therapists, who work with patients who need help to breathe. All those workers need a similar educational path of a bachelor’s and graduate degree.

Jobs At a Dialysis Center

Dialysis is a type of medical treatment provided to patients who have severe kidney deficiencies. Dialysis is performed in the hospital, when these patients are most seriously ill, in dialysis centers (for routine dialysis treatments), and in patients’ homes. When the kidneys are deficient, the patient can’t sufficiently urinate. Dialysis treatments involve using sterile tubing which safely withdraws the patient’s blood from their bodies. The withdrawn blood enters a machine that removes the toxins the body usually excretes during urination.

After that process, the cleansed blood is placed back into the patient’s body. Staff at a dialysis center predominantly include specially trained nurses. There are also aides working in dialysis centers, as well as dietitians. Doctors also visit the patients there and write the orders needed for the patients to continue their treatments.

Employment Field #4: Home Repair and Improvement

There will always be a need for people who can help homeowners design, build, and repair their homes. Workers in the home improvement field can do many types of tasks. Although those workers seldom need a college education, some home improvement tasks should be done by skilled and licensed workers.

Jobs in this field may include carpenters, masons, roofers, and painters. Your route to continuing education in 2023 for these jobs might begin with an apprenticeship after graduating from high school. However, some construction companies prefer these workers to get training at a local technical college.

Specialized Home Improvement Jobs

Other jobs needed in home construction and home repair, which require licensing or certification, include certified electricians. Electricians are responsible for installing electrical wiring and fixtures in new homes and homes being revised. When homes are inspected, the electrical wiring of the home will be checked. Electricians should pursue continuing education in 2023 by joining a local apprenticeship program.

Another important service for new homes and business facilities is performed by welders. Welders are responsible for joining metal surfaces together. This is another profession that requires training, and most who want to be welders will pursue welding apprenticeships.

Employment Field #4: Home Repair and Improvement 

As technology progressively transforms most of our personal and professional dealings, a very large number of careers have become available in the field of information technology. Many people can get enough experience in that field during their high school years, but some IT jobs require continuing education in 2023. Jobs in this field may utilize basic computer skills, like being a clerk in a computer store. Other possible entry-level jobs include computer repair or data entry jobs. Some technical colleges provide certification courses in this field.

Working in a Large IT Department

Many large businesses have complicated computer networks. These companies will need a staff division or department dedicated to the company’s IT network management service. These workers may design customized computer programs for the company, or act as a “super user” (a person who understands the company’s computer program thoroughly.)

The larger the company’s computer network is, the more of your company’s departments will be incorporated into the company’s network. Your company will be able to increase its overall efficiency and its corporate continuity by computerizing as many functions as possible. While developing and implementing a company-wide adoption of your computer system, it will be essential to include an effort to prevent or respond to potential cybercrimes.

These many roads to continuing education in 2023 may give you some ideas for your next professional path. All these jobs promise steady employment with a good salary, and they will provide you with a fulfilling and emotionally rewarding profession.

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